How many years have you been active in the market? Our institutional past dates back more than a century with our group’s foundational company having been founded in 1905. Our packaging division has been in existence for the past six years with our founders reaching their 25th year within the industry.
To which countries do you export? We export to around 50 countries all over the world including Russia, China, Japan, India, the European zone, North America, Middle East and Asia.
What is the difference between Textile Strap and Composite Strap? When is it better to use Composite Strap? As described on our web-site, Textile and Composite Straps differ according to ther Breaking Strength and are of use. Our experts will help you to determine the right choice for your use.
What is your production capacity? Our production capacity is around 300.000 ton.
What is the advantage of CO-STRAP against its competitors? Co-Strap is making a difference in the market today by producing high quality products with competitive price advantages and swift delivery capacity worldwide. Our R & D department is also there to ensure continuous improvement of our products.
Can you produce printed, colored straps? Our company offers different types of printed and colored strapping.
Printing with company name and/or logo on the strap in any color is available.
Colored strapping in every color with/without print is available.
What other accessories do you produce? We have an extensive portfolio of packaging products available for your needs. You may take a detailed look to our website for more information
Can you offer packaging solutions? We can tailor packaging solutions for your needs. Our experts will help you determine the right choices.

Our Partners

Thanks to our cooperation with global companies who are experts in their respective fields and who submit to highest production quality standards, we have been able to offer our customers the right solutions that have enabled them to obtain optimum benefits

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