LASHINGUsed to secure cargo transported by road, by sea or by railway in a container or in a railway wagon. It is frequently applied for sensitive cargo especially during loading and unloading in order to neutralize vibrations. Used mainly for the transport of heavy industrial products and for the stabilization of cargo within the container.

Product Code Width (mm) Linear Break Strength (daN) Length *m
COLASH 100 25 2000 400
COLASH 105 32 2000 250
COLASH 105 S 32 2300 250
COLASH 150 38 3500 200
COLASH 200 40 5000 200
COLASH 500 50 5000 150
COLASH 600 50 6000 150
COLASH 750 50 7500 150


  • Lashing is mostly used for land, sea and air transportation. It is also used for loads carried by crane or elevator.
  • It ensures that the loads placed in the vehicle or in the container are stabilized against the dynamic movements that may occur during transport.


All products under CO-STRAP trade mark have their quality control tests regularly performed and are in accordance with international quality norms and standards. Our customers all over the world use our straps safely.

Our products provide very high breaking strength values (equivalent to 90% of steel strapping’s system breaking strength).

Our brand, which has ISO 9001 certificate, and our R&D studies in cooperation with TUBITAK has put us on a path of “continuous improvement.”

At CO-STRAP we provide high quality lashing conform to international quality standards

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