PP StrapsPP Strapping is used in medium and low strength applications. It can be applied manually or with semi-automatic or fully automatic strapping machines.


Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Coil Length (m) GR / MT Linear Break Strength (kgf) Core Diameter (mm)
5 mm 0,50 mm 6.500 1,6 gr / mt 50 kgf 200x190
5 mm 0,50 mm 5.300 1,6 gr / mt 50 kgf 150x160
7 mm 0,63 mm 4.500 2,7 gr / mt 80 kgf 200x190
8 mm 0,55 mm 4.000 2,7 gr / mt 80 kgf 200x192
8 mm 0,63 mm 4.000 3,0 gr / mt 90 kgf 200x190
9 mm 0,55 mm 4.000 3,0 gr / mt 90 kgf 200x190
9 mm 0,63 mm 3.500 3,4 gr / mt 100 kgf 200x190
10 mm 0,55 mm 3.500 3,4 gr / mt 100 kgf 200x190
10 mm 0,63 mm 3.200 3,8 gr / mt 110 kgf 200x190
12 mm 0,55 mm 3.000 3,7 gr / mt 110 kgf 200x190
12 mm 0,63 mm 3.000 4,1 gr / mt 120 kgf 200x190
12 mm 0,65 mm 2.500 4,7 gr /mt 140 kgf 400x150
12 mm 0,80 mm 2.000 6,2 gr / mt 190 kgf 400x150
12 mm 0,85 mm 1.800 6,8 gr / mt 200 kgf 400x150


8x0.60 0,60 mm 4.000 3,0 gr / mt 80 kgf 200x190
12x0.60 0,60 mm 3.000 4,2 gr / mt 110 kgf 200x190
12x0.65 0,65 mm 2.500 4,7 gr /mt 125 kgf 400x150
12x0.70 0,70 mm 2.500 5,1 gr / mt 135 kgf 400x150

It can be used manually with wire buckles, plastic buckles or seals. However, due to very low system breaking strength, it is recommended to be used only with loads that have a maximum pallet weight of no more than 250kg. Otherwise, cargo can be damaged during transport.

Resistance to climate conditions and sunlight is weak. It is preferably and mostly used with automatic and semi-automatic machines. When used with such application methods, parcel packages and light pallets can be strapped very fast and economically.

Depending on the quality there are two types of PP Strapping being produced: Original and First Quality. The Original strap have higher breaking strength than the First Quality type. It can also be used in fully automatic machines without any problems. First Quality strap is mostly used with plastic buckles – seals and manual strapping tools in lighter applications.

PP strapping has high elongation but low breaking strength compared to other types of strapping. Due to its ease of use and its affordability it is the most commonly used type of strapping for lightweight products in our country and around the world.


These straps are mostly used for the packaging of food products, bundling of light metal tubes and parcel packaging.

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All products under CO-STRAP trade mark have their quality control tests regularly performed and are in accordance with international quality norms and standards. Our customers all over the world use our straps safely.

Our products provide very high breaking strength values (equivalent to 90% of steel strapping’s system breaking strength).

Our brand, which has ISO 9001 certificate, and our R&D studies in cooperation with TUBITAK has put us on a path of “continuous improvement.”

CO-STRAP supplies PP strapping with color and printing options upon customer request.

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