Co-Strap conducts research and development projects in cooperation with various universities and “The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)” in order to improve the quality of its products and manufacturing processes. Following the success of these projects, CO-STRAP won a grant which accounted for 50% of its $500,000 budget for research and development.

Project I, 2014: Research into the improvement of the mechanical and technical properties of composite strapping and optimization of the production process

Project II, 2015: Research into the improvement of the mechanical and technical properties of textile strapping (hotmelt) and the use of new innovative coating products and methods.

Cooperation between industry and universities in R & D is necessary for innovation and improvement of products and manufacturing processes. The development of R & D networks both nationally and internationally, the exchange of ideas and information through scientific and technological data is a catalyst for innovation and economic development in general. In this sense, Industry-University cooperation and the Industry-Industry consortium make it possible to create an expanded perspective for companies and accelerate innovation.

On an ever-growing global field, R & D has also been an integral part of the growth of TT Industrial Packaging in the development of its products and services. With a high level of customer satisfaction through a high-quality product line, competitive pricing, technical and engineering know-how, TT Industrial Packaging continues to evolve steadily towards the industry leadership.

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Thanks to our cooperation with global companies who are experts in their respective fields and who submit to highest production quality standards, we have been able to offer our customers the right solutions that have enabled them to obtain optimum benefits

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