CO-STRAP Polyester Corded Woven Straps

CO-STRAP Polyester Corded Woven Strapping is produced by combining high tenacity polyester yarns in the narrow weaving machines and then passing them through the fixing process in order to achieve the requested strength, elongation, width and length.

Due to their practical use and cost effectiveness, they can be used for all kinds of products.

CO-STRAP Polyester Corded Woven Strapping’s most important feature;

  • High Strength
  • Shock Absorbent
  • Does not get loose (High Retain Tension)
  • No sharp edges that could damage your products
  • Does not damage cargo
  • Cost Effective
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Soft and can be used without buckles
  • Safe Usage

CO-STRAP woven strapping should be used with phosphate coated wire buckles. When used with a buckle, the strap doesn’t get loose during transportation and this allows your cargo to reach its destination without incurring any damage. CO-STRAP polyester corded woven strapping has considerably higher system breaking strength than PP Strapping when used together with the appropriate buckle.

The most important factor affecting system strength is the strength of the joint. CO-STRAP woven strapping’s joint strength reaches up to 60-80%.

CO-STRAP woven strapping can be re-tensioned if necessary.

CO-STRAP woven strapping comes in a wide range of dimensions. We have products that can be used, depending on the type of application and the weight of the pallet, in different widths (from 13mm up to 32mm) and in various breaking strengths (from 150 kgf up to 1350 kgf.)


These straps are mainly used in:

  • Aluminum and Facade Systems
  • Chemical Industry
  • Glass Industry
  • Stone and Brick Industry
  • Metal Industry
  • Wood Products & Lumber Industry
  • Parcel Packaging Sectors
    • Co-Strap Polyester Lifli Dokuma Çemberleri
    • Co-Strap Polyester Lifli Dokuma Çemberleri
    • Co-Strap Polyester Lifli Dokuma Çemberleri
    • Co-Strap Polyester Lifli Dokuma Çemberleri


    CO-STRAP Product Code Width (mm) Linear Break Strength (kgf)  Coil Length * (m) Core Diameter (mm)
    WV13ST 13 360 1100 76
    WV16ST 16 450 850 76
    WV19ST 19 600 600 76
    WV25ST 25 800 500 76
    WV13STR 13 475 850 76
    WV16STR 16 600 600 76
    WV19STR 19 750 500 76
    WV25STR 25 1000 500 76
    WV19ESTR 19 1000 400 76
    WV25ESTR 25 1400 300 76

    * : Different coil lengths are available upon request


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